CAR HMi concepts & systems 2014

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CAR HMi concepts & systems 2014

HMI Concepts for Autonomous Driving | Augmented Reality | Voice Control & Speech Recognition | Multimodal Interface Management

After a very successful CAR HMi Concepts & Systems 2013 we.CONECT is again bringing together leading HMi and Infotainment professionals to we.CONECT’s annual international CAR HMi conference in Berlin.

The Car HMi Concepts & Systems 2014, taking place from June 26th to 27th 2014 at the Ramada Hotel in Berlin – Germany, has become one of the leading conferences for strategic approaches and challenges to the management of HMI Concepts for Autonomous Driving, Augmented Reality, Voice Control and Speech Recognition and Multimodal Interface Management.

It poses an innovative opportunity for automotive professionals and HMI experts to share tactics, discuss about current challenges and brand new approaches and future trends within the field of future intelligent and integrated HMI concepts, as well as effective development approaches of HMI and user experience design in the automotive cockpit.

„Enlightening – stimulating – international! A spectacular event with grand networking!“ Dominik Scholz, P3 Automotive


  • HMI Design and Development Processes:
  • HMI for Autonomous Driving and Automated Systems
  • UX, Intuitive HMI, Voice Control & Gesture – Multimodal Interfaces
  • App Development, Infotainment, Telematics and HMI
  • Distraction Avoidance, Workload Management & Safety Systems Integration
  • Innovative Tools,  Display Technologies and User Interfaces

„For me the perfect event! I got a sharp and valuable overview of current HMI systems and in touch with a number of high-level experts!“ Marius Noller, Bosch Engineering

For more details regarding our exclusive speaker panel, full project descriptions and networking opportunities, please visit our official CAR HMi 2014 – conference website.


More than 130 participants from over 125 companies from all over the world discussed strategic approaches, new technologies and ideas for improving developments, concepts & systems in automotive HMI, how to manage HMI and increasing application infrastructure in the car, while creating the ultimate user experience design. In June 2014, 20+ high level case studies were presented by companies such as Volkswagen, General Motors, Daimler, Renault, Adam Opel, Hyundai, Jaguar Cars, TomTom, Peugeot Citroen and many, many more showcasing advances in HMI integration, cutting-edge technologies and new design methods.


At the coming CAR HMi Concepts & Systems 2014 in Berlin, speakers from pioneering OEMs will take the lead:

Case Study General Motors: In-vehicle Multimodal Interaction: Observations From a Field Study on How Drivers Combine Speech and Touch

Case Study Hyundai: Global Trends in Car-HMI, Changes & Emerging Trends in The global automotive market and Future Opportunities and Challenges

Case Study Ford Research & Advanced Engineering: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems HMI, HMI Concepts for Automation, HMI Evaluation and adaptive HMI Research

Case Study BMW: Considerations for a Future Driver – Automobile Dialogue With Examples of Different Types of Dialogues, Considerations of Shortcomings and Aspects of User Experience


  • 130+ senior-level executives from leading OEMs and major automotive suppliers, engineering- and software pioneers to discuss the current challenges and innovative technologies in automotive HMI
  • 25+ pioneers & leaders will share their wisdom and announce significant developments that are expected to hit the industry in the next 12 months
  • Multiple opportunities for networking. Start planning your meetings now to meet and greet with those hard-to-meet executives in a relaxed and social setting in June
  • 20+ innovative & interactive sessions ensure for all HMI key topics to be covered
  • 20+ hours of networking with top level executives from cross-industrial background across the globe
  • 3 Icebreaker Roundtables, 4 World Cafés, more than 20 Case Studies and 4 Challenge Your Peers Roundtables and more…

Visit our Homepage of the Event for more details.

„An exceptional conference – we.CONECT is the perfect name! No other automotive conference allows you to connect with all your peers at such deep level.“ Michael Greenish, Immersion Corporation

We look forward to welcoming you at the CAR HMi Concepts & Systems 2014 from June 26th to 27th 2014 in vibrant Berlin!

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